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Caldwell Vineyard Update

 Caldwell Vineyard Update

 Caldwell Vineyard Update

If you, or the dad in your life, is anything like me, we don’t actually need a new tie or an embroidered grilling apron…. The stuff we really want is a little quality time with family and friends, a few glasses of wine (and three fingers of whisky at the end of the day). In that spirit, we’re hosting the first-ever Father’s Day Weekend Virtual Tasting so we can share some wine and some quality time with some of our favorite dudes on the planet.

Father’s Day Weekend Virtual Tasting
We’ll be going deep on some of the meatiest, manliest wines in the Caldwell lineup (not that we’ve got anything that could be called meek) including:

2016 Caldwell GOLD Cabernet Sauvignon
2017 Caldwell CABERNET FRANC
2017 Caldwell SYRAH

$405 per 3-bottle pack; 2-day shipping included. ORDER BY TUESDAY JUNE 9

Select an appointment when you purchase your wine pack. (Appointments are first come first serve with a max of 6 people/screens to make sure we get plenty of quality time together.)

Friday June 19th at 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm
Saturday June 20th at 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm
Sunday June 21st at 4pm

 Caldwell Vineyard Update

We’ve picked out some killer cheese and charcuterie paired just for these wines: Stag’s Berry Elk Salame, Ewephoria sheep’s milk cheese, Spanish Umbra cow’s milk cheese, Spanish Marcona Almonds and Pane Vino – the best damn breadsticks on the planet.

$72 shipping included! (serves 2-4) ORDER BY TUESDAY JUNE 9

 Caldwell Vineyard Update

And… take a look at our oh-so-manly Caldwell Provisions because everything tastes better in a "Napa Fucking Valley" reidel wine glass…)

Schedule A Private Tasting
If you’re family’s already got you booked for Father’s Day, we’d still love to hang. Book a Private Virtual Tasting or let us help you pick out a fabulous line-up, curated to your desires.

$210 per 3-bottle tasting pack (shipping included; and $75 tasting fees are waived!)
Reach out to schedule >      270 Kreuzer Lane Napa, CA 94559      707‐255‐1294

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