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Jermann-Where Dreams Have No End-Bianco-Chardonnay-Tipica-Vendemmia-Italy-2017-13.5%-$49.99-A nose of some citrus and some spice, light golden in color.  A medium bodied white with pineapple, apple, some acidity and spice on finish, way over priced.          JS-95          CR-87          Good with seafood, chesses, salads.  

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WINC-Porter & Plot-Cabernet Sauvignon-Santa Barbara County-California-2017-14.2% Alcohol-$18.99-A nose of some dark fruits and spices, dark garnet on color.  A medium tp full bodied red, with black cherry, plum, herbs and spice on finish, a decent value.          NR          CR-89          Good with steak, chicken, pasta.

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