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Categorized | California, Italy, Red Wine


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Castellani Michele & Figli-Colle Cristi-Classico-Corvina Veronese-Rondinella-Molinara-Amarone della Valpolicella-Italy-2015-15.5% Alcohol-$34.88-A nose of black cherry and spice, dark garnet on color.  A medium to full bodied red blend, with jammy black cherry, coffee and herbs on spice finish, was very good.          WE-92          CR-90          Good with meats, chicken, pasta.          One Cork Bonus.


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Cameron Hughes Wine-Lot 735-Cabernet Sauvignon-Santa Barbara County-California-2018-14.5% Alcohol-$15.99-
A nose of black cherry and some spices, dark garnet in color. A medium to full bodied red, with black cherry, plum, vanilla and spice on finish, a good value.          NR          CR-88          Good with meats, chicken, pasta.

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