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IMG 1629 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS                                                   IMG 1628 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS


Tait Wines-The Ball Buster-Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Barossa Valley-Australia-

2007-$14.01-Big plum nose, spice.  Very dark, purple in color.  A little more sour than a previous

vintage that I liked much more.  Currant, spice, big wine that was maybe to young to drink. Did not

enjoy as much as the critics did.          RP-92      WS-88     CR-3.5     Good with burgers, pasta,



IMG 1570 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS                                               IMG 1572 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS


Symington Family Estates-Dow’s-Crusted Porto-Port-Portugal-2002-$17.99-A big nose of

spice and dark fruit, black in color.  Black cherries, chocolate, sweet spice, a very enjoyable desert

wine, smooth.  I am a big port fan, just a little at end of closing time is perfect to sip.       NR

CR-4-4.5      Good with deserts, ice cream and if I smoked a cigar.

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