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IMG 2277 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP SYRAH’S OF 2009                                                               IMG 2274 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP SYRAH’S OF 2009  


Truchard-Syrah-Napa Valley-California-2004-$16.99-I enjoy a Syrah, a Californian one every now and then, enjoy an Australian one also except I believe you notice the difference more than how it’s spelled.  I especially enjoy a good Syrah that has aged a few years to smooth it out, this is one, it used to sell for $30.00 a few years back  so now it’s a steel.  Good nose, dark color, smooth, just a very enjoyable drinking wine, it might be hard finding this year..worth the search.                   WS-90       CR-4-4.5        Great with steak, pasta, chicken.

Dusted Valley Vintners-Stained Tooth Syrah-Syrah-Columbia Valley-Walla Walla-Washington-2006-$23.99-Big nose of dark fruit, very dark, almost black in color.  Nice smooth mouth feel of dark berries, spice, chocolate, a enjoying drinking wine.  I have become a big fan of a Syrah, expand your tastes and try one.       WS-90      RP-89      CR-4-4.5     Good with steak, pasta, chicken.

Rosenblum Cellars-San Francisco Bay-Heritage Clones-Petite Sirah-California-2006-$13.99-A big rich nose of dark fruit, very dark purple, almost black in color.  A smooth rich mouth feel of dark chocolate, spice, blackberry syrup.         WS-89       CR-4       Good with pasta, meats.

EAGLEPOINT RANCH-PETITE SIRAH-CALIFORNIA-2005-$22.50.  Thick full bodied, dark fruit, spice, great with a steak or without food. This wine is from Mendocino County which is North Coast area above Sonoma, its wines are up and coming, allot of natural winemaking methods.  Wine will cellar for another few years.       WE-93      WS-84     CR-4-4-4.5     Good with steak, pasta, chicken.

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