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August 18, 2010
  Final Two Crazy Offers

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Final Two Crazy Offers (This Year Anyway)

In 2009, we created wine for a reality TV program called The Winemakers.  We sold thousands of cases of the stuff through retailers, but we ended up with a few hundred extras.  The wine is a 2007 Rhone-styled red, mostly from the Paso area, containing Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre and a dash of Zin.  This is the house red you’ve been looking for.  It punches way above its weight class and you won’t find another wine even remotely as interesting for the price.  If you like good Cotes du Rhone but bigger and riper, then stock up on this one. (Note that this wine is currently selling for $17.67 at retail).

BUY IT HERE FOR ONLY $59 a case!

(Note that if you choose pickup option, you must pick it up at the San Francisco warehouse at 566 Minnesota St., from 10-4 on Sat/Sun Aug 28/29.  Really, seriously, if you select pickup and you don’t pick it up, we have to donate it to charity.  Otherwise have it shipped to you.)

Fun fact:  We also had some shiners of this particular wine (unlabeled bottles) left over.  We put on a different label and sold it to retail, and you can currently find this exact wine, albeit with a different label, for $15 ($180/cs) at wine shops all over the US.

THE FINAL, FINAL DSV-IV Certified Nutty Wine Sale
On August 28 and 29th we’re creating the "Dollar Vine Store" at 566 Minnesota from 10-4.  Not only can you pick up the Mystery Wine you’ve recently ordered and any of above cases you’ve ordered, but we’ll have the last random bottles going for as little as $1/bottle and probably nothing over $5/bottle. (This keeps us from having to move up random bottles to Napa where each unique wine can cost us $50 to get into The System).  So instead of spending your hard-earned money buying short-dated packages of Liver Mush (check it out), come by the warehouse, bring a wad of ones (or baked goods or anything else you want to barter – for serious) and save us some moving money.  My guess is that Saturday is going to be a better day than Sunday for this… but we’ll tweet updates

Oh, and if you’re in Napa on this weekend (August 21 and 22), please come by the tasting room – we’re going through our first dry run.  Mention liver mush and get 2 for 1 tastings on all the wines!!  RSVP and then come by this weekend – you’ll be one of the first and we’d love to see you.


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