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In my Corkscrews Reviews, I list at the end of each review the ratings that were given for a

wine if it was rated by, Robert Parker, www.erobertparker.com, (RP),  Wine Spectator,

www.winespectator.com, (WS),  Wine Enthusiast,  www.wineenthusiast.com, (WE) or my rating,

Corkscrews Reviews, (CR).   Robert Parker, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast all rate on a 100

point scale where, 95-100 is a classic, a great wine, 90-94 is outstanding, a wine of superior character

and style, 85-89 is very good, a wine with special qualities, 80-84 is good, a solid, well made wine, 75-

79 is mediocre, a drinkable wine that may have some flaws, 50-74 is not recommended.  My scale goes

from 1-5, and is based on a combination of drinkability and value.  A 5 is a great wine both in price and

it has a knocks your socks off taste, 4-5 being a very special wine, 3-4 is a good, solid wine to be

consumed as a everyday type of wine, 2-3 is something you bring to a party and drink  the wine others

brought and not confess you know anything about the wine you brought. (just kidding).  Now every

one has their own palate, I express what I like, so that’s where the comment section comes in.  If I

recommend a wine I like or one I hate and you feel different then I would like to hear about it, that

way we all can go through the learning process. I will also state what food groups go best with the

wine that was reviewed to use as a guide. My goal is to find wines that I hope others will enjoy, and if

they come at a good price all the better. Enjoy.


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