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Kosta Browne Update

kb Kosta Browne Update


Over the past two years, we have been quietly curating a new series of wines to share with you. It began with several unique lots from the 2016 vintage that were so distinct, Winemaker Nico Cueva felt strongly they should stand out from the traditional portfolio of Kosta Browne wines.

This initiated the concept for Observations – to identify a wine so exceptional that it could serve as a hallmark for the vintage. These wines push boundaries while honoring our commitment to quality, intensity and elegance.

 DSC4738.181339 Kosta Browne Update

Given the extremely limited volume of the Observations Series, we are unable to include them in our normal spring and fall offerings. However, we look forward to sharing these wines with you exclusively in The Gallery, a dedicated space for members to experience our approach to winemaking, which will be completed in August. We also understand that a visit may not be possible in your near future, so we have set aside a few bottles of the Observations wines to share with those who are interested. We have activated your account with an opportunity to wish for the Observations Series now through July 20th.

To place your wish request for the Observations wines, click here.

We will do our best to grant some or all of your wish requests. Wishes will be processed at the end of the month and scheduled to ship this fall. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 707-823-7430

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