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Linne Calodo Update

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Here we go again.  The winter months are behind us and spring is quickly moving towards summer.  We received almost 30 inches of rain this last season, a welcoming event for our grapevines.  The vineyard floors are filled with our cover crop plants and it’s literally a jungle out there.  The vines have budded out and shoot growth is anywhere from 2 inches all the way to 18 inches.  The vines are invigorated from the rainy season and last falls compost addition is doing the trick.  Back at the Winery, we’ve blended the 2018 wines and they are comfortably maturing in a combination of oak foudres, concrete cylinders, and small oak casks.  With a cold winter behind us, the blends are just now finishing both their natural conversion from sugar to alcohol and malic to lactic.  I really need to learn how to make that sound romantic, but to me its just a magical time watching, listening  and tasting nature’s process.  Beyond what’s shaking with the 2018 red’s, we have two wines to offer you immediately from the 2018 vintage – the  white wine blend, 2018 Contrarian, our rosé of grenache, 2018 Pale Flowers.  These wines are perfect for your spring and summer soirees.  



v. 2018

50% Grenache Blanc, 28% Viognier, 22% Picpoul Blanc

A Willow Creek District White blend of Grenache Blanc, Picpoul Blanc, and Viognier.  Hand picked from the Estate Vineyards, basket-pressed into two 1600L concrete Eggs. Fermented by natural yeast over the last 5 months, aged on lees for enhanced mouthfeel and always a pleasure to make.  Below you’ll find tasting notes from Chris Guerrero, our awesome hospitality manager.  If you haven’t met him yet, make an appointment and say hello! – MT

On the nose, white peaches, caramelized pineapple, passion fruit, key lime, and lemongrass.  A richness and round mouth-feel that carry all of the tropical fruit through to the midpalate.  Honey suckle, peaches, Asian pear, lemon merengue,  and a touch of vanilla on the finish. This pairs well with Thai, Sushi, ceviche, fatty white fishes, and can definitely cut through a little bit of spice -  CG.
$35.70 (your price) , retail: $42

contrarian Linne Calodo Update


v. 2018

Pale Flowers
Rosé of Grenache

Estate grown Grenache Noir that we are purposefully picking for rosé. I have a love hate relationship with rosé. It needs to be done right or why bother.  What we have done with The Pale Flowers Rosé is to specifically find a grenache block that fits the bill for great rosé.  We only produced 140 cases, but they are delicious.  Here’s how we make it. We start by hand picking the Grenache when the sugar and acidity are just right,  not to high on sugar and not too low on acidity.  Next we start basket-pressing the fruit. At first the juice is clear but, as the hours drag on, the pink tint begins to get extracted from the skins and in time we have the perfect rosé. Grenache provides a surreal amount of fruit aromatics to the wine and a healthy dash of acidity. – MT

Fresh-cut strawberries, juicy honeydew, lemon peels, grapefruit, and   watermelon.  Notes of wet stone, bright citrus, watermelon rind,  and green apple skins with a light refreshing body that still  carries some  texture and weight.  Enjoy this with ceviche, sushi, grilled fish or on its own. – CG
$29.75 (your price); $35 retail.

paleflowers Linne Calodo Update



Matt Trevisan and the Linne Calodo Crew

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