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Manhattan Wine Company Update

 Manhattan Wine Company Update

 Manhattan Wine Company Update
 Manhattan Wine Company Update
 Manhattan Wine Company Update Manhattan Wine Company Update

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The Cerbaiona estate is one of the most important addresses in Montalcino, producing first flight Brunello in extremely small quantities. The property was founded by Diego Molinari in 1977 and was planted on just shy of 3 HA of vines with soils rich in limestone, shale, and sand.  Diego made traditionally styled Brunello – influenced by his close relationship with Giulio Gambelli, the legendary agronomist of Biondi Santi.  Gambelli encouraged Diego to shun chemicals in his vineyards and rely on natural techniques in the winery, a formula that helped Diego craft some of our favorite wines in the region.

In 2015, after years of speculation into his health, Diego decided that it was time for him to step back from the estate he had labored to create and sold the property to a group of investors. Gary Rieschel and Matthew Fioretti are now leading the project and bringing some updates to the property. The changes planned are not seismic or stylistic, rather they are labor intensive flourishes, things that Diego could not do on his own. The vineyards have been converted to organic viticulture and dead vines are systematically being replanted to cover an additional hectare. While Diego always relied on 500 liter tonneaux to age his wines, these barrels are largely being replaced with botti of 1000 – 2000 liters. If anything, the property is being led in a more traditional path as the new owners settle into their stewardship of Cerbaiona.

Today we are proud to offer the last Brunello Diego Molinari produced and one of the first releases from the new ownership, both from classic vintages and made with evident reverence for the great terroir that defines the property. Diego made the choice to declassify all of his wine to Rosso di Montalcino in 2014 and 2015, marking the recently released and assiduously classic 2013 Brunello as his last. The 2016 Rosso di Montalcino beautifully captured the quality of one of the most exciting Tuscan vintages in recent memory. While we are sorry to see the end of Diego’s tenure, the new chapter of Cerbaiona is looking very bright to us. It’s exciting for us to have some available for sale, but we want to stress that stocks are limited. If interested, please get back to us as quickly as possible with your desired quantities.

The wines below are offered on a first come, first served basis. Follow the links below to purchase directly from our site or call/email us if you need some assistance.

 Manhattan Wine Company Update

 Manhattan Wine Company Update


$59.99 / BOTTLE | 24+ AVAILABLE

2016 marks the first vintage that the new owners of Cerbaiona have had full control over the estate and their early efforts have been outstanding. It doesn’t hurt that 2016 is shaping up to be one of the great modern vintages in Tuscany but the deft touch that has defined the style of Cerbaiona is still present in this wine. The nose is alive with dark cherries, orange zest, and deeper notes of tobacco, soil, and bay leaf. The wine has chewy, ripe tannins and plenty of weight on the palate balanced by taught acidity.  Five years in the cellar will reveal this as a peer to many Brunellos without the price tag to match. This is a cellar-worthy candidate to load up on!


$175.00 / BOTTLE | 18 AVAILABLE

It is certainly bittersweet that this wine is the last Brunello that Diego Molinari produced with his own hands, a culmination of his great career. The 2013 vintage is an appropriate coda for Diego in the sense that its long and relatively cool growing season shares more in common with vintages in the 1970’s than recent, warmer harvests do. Whatever the context, Diego crafted an extraordinary Brunello that speaks to the nobility of the region and is a testament to his steady hands in the cellar. There is purity in the fruit, a gentle spice character on the nose, and lovely, elegant tannins that are the exception in Montalcino rather than the rule these days. Lush, full, and perfectly in balance, this is a very fine wine indeed. Do not miss it!


 Manhattan Wine Company Update

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