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New Age Wines


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New Age White New Bottle med New Age Wines

New Age

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New Age Rose New Bottle med New Age Wines


Click Here to download a pdf of all of our New Age Skinny drinks

Tiincho New Age Wines
sonicCherry New Age Wines
YingYang New Age Wines


5 oz of New Age – 120 Cal.
Twist of Lime – 1 Cal.
121 Calories
4 oz. New Age – 96 Cal.
1 oz. Cherry Vodka – 69 Cal.
2 Lime Slices Squeeze – 2 Cal.
1 TBL Grenadine – 24 Cal.
191 Calories
4 oz. New Age White – 96 Cal.
1 oz. Pink Grapefruit Vodka – 69 Cal.
Splash Pink Grapefruit Juice – 10 Cal.
Shake over ice and pour in glass over Muddled Mint Garnish with Sprig of Mint
175 Calories

New Age White New Design Bottle New Age Wines

New Age White
#1 Selling Argentine White Wine in the USA
Sustainably Farmed
Estate Grown & Bottled

A vivacious and sensual wine, exhibiting aromas of fresh flowers and fruit, crisp, yet soft in the finish.


 New Age Wines

New Age Rosé
Purple-red color, with very seductive and attractive violet hues. The wild raspberry aroma invades the glass while, in the mouth, sweet memories of sugar flakes, red fruits and violet flowers predominate through to the fresh, effervescent finish.

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