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Holiday Hosting Tips

Get ready to survive the Holi-Daze! Despite all the tinsel, presents and good cheer, the holiday season can be notoriously stressful.

Hosting a flurry of dinner parties, family gatherings or friendly celebrations? Here are a few Holiday survival tips from your friends at Rioja: 

  • Tip 1: Open and Taste Your Wine Before Your Guests Arrive. It’s not rude! It’s the only way to ensure no wine is corked and not up to par. Opening wine in advance gives you time to decant, too. It never hurts to be prepared. The last minute is the enemy of us all. 
  • Tip 2: Consider a Plethora of Palates. One of the biggest holiday challenges is finding wines that will delight the varied palates of all your family members and guests. To make sure you don’t leave anyone out, plan on having some full-bodied Reds, crisp Whites, and light Roses on hand. There’s no better way to please everyone. 
  • Tip 3: Buy More Than You Think You Need. There is truly nothing worse than running out of wine on a holiday. Don’t let it happen to you. In general, plan for a half-bottle of wine per person for your holiday meal. Besides, who ever complained about leftover wine?

Rioja News

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Curtis Stone’s Maude Will Bring a Taste of Rioja to America

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Great Wine Values –
Cune ‘Monopole’ Rioja Blanco La Rioja

03 Rioja 200x200.jpg?t=1513888148192&width=200&name=03 Rioja 200x200 Rioja Wines

These Colorful Pages Reveal Rioja And Its Tempranillo Wines

04 Rioja 200x200.jpg?t=1513888148192&width=200&name=04 Rioja 200x200 Rioja Wines

Rioja: A Top Spanish Wine Region Gets Its Due

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Curtis Stone’s New Maude Menu Is Inspired by Rioja

South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Wines from Rioja is happy to announce participation in the upcoming South Beach Food & Wine Festival in February 2018. Rioja will be present at not one but two events during the food-filled weekend. To start, on Saturday, February 24, Florida’s only James Beard "Who’s Who" inductee, Norman Van Aken, will join Esquire‘s 2013 chef of the year, Michael Chiarello, and James Beard winner Jose Garces for a Spanish-themed dinner sponsored by Rioja. Wines from Rioja will also be ready to celebrate at Michael Symon’s beachside BBQ on February 25th. We can’t think of anything better than fun in the sun while sipping on Rioja and sampling savory bites from more than 30 of the nation’s top grill maestros!

Ask Ana

With the holidays here, what are the best wines to serve a party with varied palates? How much wine should I buy?
- Olivia, Minneapolis, MN

AskAna.jpg?t=1513888148192&width=177&name=AskAna Rioja WinesHi Olivia, excellent question! The holidays are a great time to think about entertaining. Since every single bottle of Rioja is stamped with an official trust seal, you can feel at ease that your guests will experience a genuine, quality product and its pleasure on their palate. So rest assured they will have a great time with the wine! Estimate about 1-2 4oz. glasses of wine per guest over a 2 hour period on average. For that "wow” factor, consider Rioja Gran Reservas. Gran Reservas work with so many food types and are sure to impress your guests and family! Additionally, a red Crianza delivers so much more than most other options in this price category. Finally, with their extended barrel and bottle ageing and complexity that comes from select vineyards, Reservas of Rioja (many 2010 and 2011 in market now) will be sure to put the festive in your festivities!

Take a Taste of Rioja

Social Media Shout-Outs

01 Social Rioja 200x200 1.jpg?t=1513888148192&width=200&name=01 Social Rioja 200x200 1 Rioja Wines

Chef @curtisstone gives us a sneak-peek into the Rioja menu that will be featured at his restaurant, Maude. What tasty foraging loot do you spy?

02 Social Rioja 200x200 1.jpg?t=1513888148192&width=200&name=02 Social Rioja 200x200 1 Rioja Wines

Discover the value of Spain’s wine wonderland, Rioja with @Barococo_DD. Look no further for top reds!

03 Social Rioja 200x200 1.jpg?t=1513888148192&width=200&name=03 Social Rioja 200x200 1 Rioja Wines

Who doesn’t love Spanish bar foods?
Check out these drool-worthy
tapas that @mumbaifoodie
learned to make while visiting Rioja!

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With 2018 around the corner, what are you grateful for? @COCHON555 gives thanks for Rioja Wine and we do too!

Fun Facts

If wine were to stop being produced in Rioja today, the wine region could continue to provide wine for many years to come. This is due to the nature of the wines that are produced in Rioja. It’s also because of the labeling laws that have minimum age requirements that cause producers to hang on to their wine from anywhere between one and twenty years – depending on the type of label they are looking to classify their wine as – before releasing them to the public. With their cellars filled with aging wine, producers could easily supply their customers with wine for many years and aren’t we glad!

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