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Rocket Science Update

rcwhite6 Rocket Science Update

Many of you are asking what you can do to help us bounce back from the wildfires, and the short answer is: buy Napa wine.

Most local businesses reopened this week, but our beautiful valley is a ghost town during what’s normally peak season for visitors. If you can’t come see us, you can still help us out by drinking Napa Valley wine. Even if it isn’t ours. Every bottle you can buy direct from your favorite winery helps.

Our Newest Earthbound Delights

2015 Rocket Science by Caldwell, Proprietary Red Blend   $65/btl
Light bursting from dark… like an exploding star, this vintage of Caldwell Estate’s most-revered fruit is full of depth and beauty. A space queen of a wine, its scientific side is smart and sophisticated, while its red, molten-chocolatey core offers supernova lushness. A mind meld of black pepper, berry pie, tobacco and, yes, dragon-fruited undertones, it shuttles into the infinite with significant structure defined by mouthwatering acidity and fine, tea-like tannins that only the finest oak barrels can impart. Buy Your Own Rocket >

2016 Rocket Science Proprietary White Blend $55/btl
Our inaugural launch of a super special white crafted solely for the celestial pleasures of our members of the Society of WINEsteins. Stone fruit, minerals and white flowers… oh my… this blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc dusted with a hint of Muscat and Riesling is beautiful, bright and breezy like a star-filled night. It’s an ever-expanding universe unto itself, with mouth-filling flavor sensations that fuel your palate from front to back. For WINEsteins Only >

Rocket Science Label Contest

Each year we offer you the chance to get published on a bottle of Rocket Science. You can submit as many entries as you like. From the creative, to the academic, to the totally out there, anything goes in 80 words or less. Finalists receive six bottles of Rocket Science wine* sporting their winning label, and bragging rights as an honorary rocket scientist (at least in our eyes).

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Label Contest Winners
Terra Jane Albee (CA), David Ross (VA) and Andi Hendrickson (CA)

Check Out This Year’s Winning Labels >
Submit Your Entries for Next Year’s Contest >

*In accordance with California state beverage law, the winning entrant will be able to purchase their wine prize for $1.

JOIN The Society of WINEsteins 
Engage, inspire and indulge your thirst for knowledge and wine.

Members of the Society receive a guaranteed allocation of Rocket Science Proprietary Red twice per year, and a slew of otherworldly perks. We’re launching our Fall 2017 shipment for the Society of WINEsteins the week of October 15th, so get on board before then.

Choose your fueling option:

Basic Ration        3 bottles   $195/shipment
Booster Pack       6 bottles   $390/shipment
Full Throttle      12 bottles   $780/shipment
Quantum Leap  24 bottles   $1,560/shipment

Become a WINEstein >

NEXT UP: We’ll be releasing the new vintages of Caldwell Varietal red wines, including our Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Carménère. They’re made in tiny quantities and, given that we didn’t bottle Malbec, Petit Verdot or Merlot for the vintage, they’ll do their annual disappearing act faster than ususal.

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