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Sine Qua Non Update

 Sine Qua Non Update

Dear Wine Lover~
       If there is ever a task that I, good old Manfred, don’t like to perform, it is writing and sending this note. But it has to be done because in the end it is meant as a courtesy and a service of sorts, to keep you updated and current. But communicating about wines we sadly don’t have enough to offer to everyone interested is clearly a miserable task. Please don’t misinterpret this note — our goal clearly is to send out as many offers as we possibly can, but we are just not there yet. There means to have enough wine to send you an offer too. But you should at least know that we currently have a release cycle of two wines. They are our…

2017 Syrah called The Hated Hunter and 2017 Grenache named The Gorgeous Victim

God and some Bureaucrat permitting these will actually end up being the names. The approval forms are still with the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) where some "art lover" has to give us his stamp.

Thank you very kindly for your understanding and please know that we are as eager and motivated as one possibly can be to get wines to you…and as quickly as is possible. Should bottles remain unsold at the end of this sales cycle, we will offer these out to our beloved waiting list folks in chronological order. Hopefully this means you. These 2017s are quite delicious and maybe you can find one here or there on a restaurant wine list or in a friend’s cellar. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness. It is greatly appreciated. We are so happy you are there and can’t wait to get some juice to you.

Speaking of which — we would like you to know that we have two other brands, with entirely separate, individual sets of wines and also with independent mailing lists. These projects are even smaller than SINE QUA NON, but the wines are equally lovely and, if possible, we hope you’ll join us there too. They are:

at www.nextofkyn.net


at www.thethirdtwin.net

We have got to weave you into our vinous family in some way. The above two brands are not some second fiddle mind you, but distinctly personal expressions of love, hard work and different and particular environments. Even some different grape varieties — like Graciano for example.

A grateful cheers and happy wishes from —
Elaine & Manfred Krankl

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