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Sine Qua Non Update

 Sine Qua Non Update

Dear Wine Lover~
       Many years ago now, longer than we would have ever imagined, we realized that we were in an ultimately happy and successful but simultaneously somewhat precarious situation because we had significantly more interested wine fans than wine we could produce. Naturally, when one starts out, that type of  “precarious situation” sounds like a dream… and in some ways it is, but it is still also sad. One thing we clearly did not want to do is to come off as if we didn’t care or that we might have forgotten about you. So we thought the least we could/should do is communicate with you, so that you know what is going on and so you know we are trying and we most certainly have not overlooked your interest.
But sending you notes without an invitation to buy can be interpreted as a mean joke or some sort of arrogance and that is not good either. But please know – we beg you to understand that – there is no pleasure in NOT selling. We farm, we grow grapes, we ferment, we tediously bottle with the hope that many people will like the outcome and many people will have one of our bottles at their table and get pleasure from it. More important in the crazy 2020 than any other year perhaps. But one cannot draw blood from a stone and in the end, it is a matter of agriculture and Mother Nature’s whim.
Please understand that we are trying very hard to shorten the waiting time to get an offer, albeit it is still too long at this very moment. Your contact information might have changed since you originally signed up. To make sure that we can reach you when that mutually delightful moment arrives, please check at the bottom of this note and see the contact information we have for you. If you need to update it, you may do so by clicking here.
A portion of our wines are offered out through distributors worldwide and the following wines will be entering the marketplace in early 2021. Please keep your eyes out for these tasty treats.

2016 Eleven Confessions Vineyard Syrah Subir
2016 Eleven Confessions Vineyard Grenache Pajarito Del Amor
2018 Syrah Squeezebox
2018 Grenache Profuga

Thank you so very kindly for your patience, your hopefully continued interest and for comprehending that all we can do is try, try, try, but it is not just putting more lids onto more cans. Mother Nature can seem rather obnoxiously playful at times. There are times when she is generous or even frivolous, but she calls the shots… ALWAYS.

Warmest wishes and please stay healthy and happy –
Elaine & Manfred Krankl

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