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Sokol Blosser Winery Update


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A Very Merry Snowball Fight

Featuring Sokol Blosser Winery

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Happy Holidays!

From Your Sokol Blosser Winery Team:

Alex Sokol Blosser, Winemaker & Second Generation Winegrower

Alison Sokol Blosser, CEO & Second Generation Winegrower

Mariano Oliver, Global Brand Ambassador

Sara Manucy, Brand Ambassador

Lee Medina, Brand Ambassador

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The Nose and the Flashlight

First Edition

Coming to you from Winemaker Alex Sokol Blosser, each quarter look for an edition of "The Nose and the Flashlight," a continuous discussion to smell and shed light on all things winemaking. Cheers to our first edition as we kick off this fun series and share the story behind winemaking!

Flashlight: “I keep telling you, Nose, that I am the most important tool the winemaker has!”

The Nose: “Nonsense! A LED Flashlight like yourself is just a mere tool, while I, the Nose, am the true device of the vigneron!”

Flashlight: “I grant you that smelling is a key part of winemaking, but if you cannot properly see things in the darkness of the barrel room or the cellar then what kind of quality control can you possibly achieve?”

The Nose: “You don’t need to see the build-up of acidic acid (vinegar) in your drain! You smell it!”

Flashlight: “Fair enough, but how about when you are checking your closed top fermenters and you open the top of the tank and all you can see is darkness?”

The Nose: “But you can smell what is in the tank!”

Flashlight: “What if you need to make a tank measurement?!?”

The Nose: “Then maybe you would come in handy….”

Flashlight: “Yes, I the flashlight am the Ed to Johnny, the Fred to Ginger.”

The Nose: “The light at the end of my nose?”

Flashlight: "I think you are smelling what I am shedding some light on."

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Alison Sokol Blosser. Co-President, CEO & Second Generation Winegrower.

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Mariano Oliver. Global Brand Ambassador.

western u.s.

Lee Medina. Brand Ambassador.

eastern u.s.

Sara Manucy. Brand Ambassador.

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