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Wine & Flavors Update

Wine aromas in Napa

wineandflavors Wine & Flavors Update

Wine & Flavors seminars conducted by Alexandre Schmitt are devoted to olfactory education, especially with regard to aromas found in wines. The purpose of these seminars is to structure and develop our aromatic universe, to identify wine aromas, to classify them, and to use objective descriptors.

Level 1 : 6th & 7th, April 2020 (2 days)
"The Aromatic Descriptors of Wine"

The Level 1 is focused on the "Wine descriptors and the aromatic categories of wines": woods, coniferous, balsamic notes, animal character, leather, smokiness, burnt character… [more details here]

Level 2 : 8th & 9th, April 2020 (2 days)

"The Aromatic Molecules of Wine"

The Level 2 is focused on "The Aromatic Molecules identified in the wine" such as 4EP, 4EG, linalool, 4MMP, cis-3-hexenyl acetate, allyl caproate, vanillin, cyclotene… [more details here]

Level 3 : 10th, April 2020 (1 day)
"Wine Defects – Textures and Mouthfeel"

The Level 3 focuses on aromatic molecules responsible for the major defects that occur in wine such as Acetaldehyde, Geosmin, Vinyl-4-guaiacol (Brettanomyces), IBMP… [more details here] in

 Wine & Flavors Update

Certified Training AFNOR

 Wine & Flavors Update

 Wine & Flavors Update  Wine & Flavors Update  Wine & Flavors Update  Wine & Flavors Update

CONTACT: Alexandre Schmitt – +33 614 912 812 – schmitt@wineandflavors.com
WEBSITES : usa.wineandflavors-seminars.comwww.wineandflavors.com

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