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Wine Quiz

*Answers are at the bottom of this quiz.

1.  Grapes for icewines are picked at which temperature?

  • A. Between –8oC and –10oC
  • B. Below freezing
  • C. Below 8oC
  • D. A nippy winter night


2.  What little known grape varietal makes the magical mystical white wines of the Savennieres appellation in the Loire Valley?

  • A. French Columbard
  • B. Picanti
  • C. Chenin Blanc
  • D. Pinot Gris


3.  All of the vineyards of Champagne are quality rated on a village-by-village basis which is known as the “Echelle des Crus”. How many Villages are rated with the top rating of "Grands Crus"?

  • A. 7 villages
  • B. 17 villages
  • C. 24 villages
  • D. 33 villages


4.  The word "bouquet" is:

  • A. A snotty affectation
  • B. A technical term
  • C. An insult in Montalcino


5.  If your buddy, the cork dork, claims a wine is “hot,” he means it’s:

  • A. Stolen
  • B. Alcoholic
  • C. Too young


6.  Which of the following is NOT part of a grape cluster stem system?

  • A. Rachis
  • B. Peduncle
  • C. Meristem
  • D. Pedicel



1.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Between –8oC and –10oC

By law, temperatures must drop to –8oC and –10oC to harvest icewine in Canada.  This is because the grapes yield a highly concentrated, sweet juice that creates the world famous icewine.  At lower temperatures, the wine would taste diluted.


2.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Chenin Blanc

Loire Valley (French: Vallée de la Loire) is known as the Garden of France and is France’s third largest wine region.  Savennières is a town and commune lying in the Maine-et-Loire département near the Loire River 15 km south west of Angers in France, best known for its production of highly-rated white wine.  With production predominantly centered around the Chenin blanc grape, it is famed for its particularly long-lasting dry white wine comparable to that of Vouvray.  Loire Valley Chenin Blanc, even in quite modest bottles, makes one of the longest lived dry white wines.  A couple of prime examples are,Coulee de SerrantClos de la Bergerie


3.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. 17 villages

According to the official "Echelle Des Crus" only 17 villages have the highest classification as a Grands Crus.


4.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. A technical term

Bouquet refers to smells from winemaking, like yeast and oak barrels, while aroma means smells from the grapes.  If you mix these up, you’ll look like a moron to the two people in the world that think this is important.


5.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Alcoholic

If the smell and taste of alcohol dominate, the wine is hot. It’s less about the percentage of alcohol and more about how it balances with other components, like fruit and acid.


6.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Meristem

Peduncle is the main stem where the cluster is suspended from the cane; Pedicel is the stem connecting the grape itself to the cluster stem; the cluster stem is caled the Rachis; a Meristem is found on new shoots and roots.

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