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Answers are at the bottom of this quiz.

1.  Which of the following lists contain grapevine rootstock names?

A. Salt Creek, Mdb 12-07, 44-53 Malegue, Couderc 3309
B. Mgt 420, Salt Creek, AxR-1, PN 667
C. Schwartzman, Kloeckera, Mgt 101-14, SO2
D. Riparia Gloire, SO 4, Mgt 101-14, Couderc 3309
E. All of the above


2.  Which of the following grape growth stages is NOT part of the FLOWERING stage?

A. budburst
B. inflorescence
C. set
D. veraison
E. all of the above


3.  Which of the following selections are real grapevine trellises?

A. Scott Henry, RT2T, GDC, VSP
B. GDC, Tatura, R2D2, VSP
C. Lyre, VSP, Minimal Pruning, veraison
D. All of the above


4.  Which of the following is NOT a true statement about powdery mildew?

A. Cleistothecium stage precedes Ascus
B. fungus sporulates on green shoots
C. Ascospores stage precedes Conidia
D. All of the above


5.  Which of the following is NOT a native American grape variety?

A. Niagara
B. Delaware
C. Seyval Blanc
D. Concord
E. Catawba


6.  Which of the following is not a common aroma found in Blanc de Blancs Champagne:

A. Bread Dough
B. Popcorn
C. White Flowers
D. Tobacco


1.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Riparia Gloire, SO 4, Mgt 101-14, Couderc 3309
Grapevines are often grown on rootstock. Properly selected rootstock for an area can facilitate disease prevention (like phyloxera), and may bring on earlier ripening, and may compensate for overly wet or dry soil, and other positive effects.

2.  Wine Quiz Answer: E. all of the above
The events listed all occur during other named phases of the plant development. Reference "Modified E-L System".

3.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Scott Henry, RT2T, GDC, VSP
Scott Henry is named after it’s creator, from Oregon state USA; Ruakura Twin Two Tier was developed for high soil fertility areas; Geneva Double Curtain is a bilateral cordon system; Vertical Shoot Positioning involves the least amount of trellis complexity and is very common; Tatura is a V-shaped trellis derived from tree fruit systems; Lyre is a divided canopy system developed in France. R2D2 is the robot in Star Wars; Minimal Pruning is a pruning technique, not a trellis type; veraison is when the grapes change color and begin ripening.

4.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Ascospores stage precedes Conidia
Yeah, I know, no normal human would ever want to know this… but grapegrowers do care about this to ensure the best possible wine. Powdery mildew is omnipresent, and will destroy the fruit if untreated.

5.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Seyval Blanc
a hybrid grape, a cross between an Old World wine grape (Vitis vinifera) and a native American grape (V. labrusca).Many such hybrids were produced in response to the outbreak in Europe of an American pest, phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae, a root louse), in an effort to create resistant vines by crossing resistant American grapes with so called noble or Old World grapes.It does well in the cold climes of North America. Cascade Mountain Vineyards in Amenia, New York produces a wonderful Seyval Blanc that was matched to their restaurant’s menu item of "grilled chicken breast stuffed with goats milk cheese on top of carrot angel hair pasta".

6.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Tobacco
Although aromas of tobacco are appreciated in a fine Cabernet, a tobacco-scented blanc de blancs would be most unappealing.

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