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1.  Traditionally, many New World winemakers make extensive use of:

A. Oak aging
B. Carbonic maceration
C. Capitalization
D. Prozac

2.  Which one of these is NOT an American Viticulture Area (AVA)?

A. Rio Seco
B. Horse Heaven Hills
C. Dundee Hills
D. Cayuga Lake

3.  Which country is the only one whose national anthem begins with an ode to its vines and wines?

A. Chile
B. Germany
C. Luxembourg
D. Switzerland
E. Portugal
F. New Zealand

4.  In which of the following states does Gruet Winery make methode champenoise wines?

A. Arizona
B. New Mexico
C. Colorado
D. Washington

5.  Name a synonym for the Tempranillo grape in Spain.

A. Tinto
B. Tinto de Toro
C. Alicante
D. Carinena
E. Samso

6.  Who was the first person, since Prohibition, to build a new large scale winery in Napa?

A. Gustave Neibaum
B. Carl Doumani
C. Warren Winiarski
D. Robert Mondavi
E. Jim Barrett
F. None of the above

* Answers are at the bottom of this email.


1.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Oak aging
Many New World winemakers make extensive use of oak aging, putting the finished wine in to oak barrels, made from America, French or oak types of wood. Typical aging periods are 6-18 months, however, some do extensive aging of 24 months or more.

2.  Wine Quiz Answer: A. Rio Seco
Rio Seco is a winery in Paso Robles. Horse Heaven Hills is an AVA in Washington State, Dundee Hills is an AVA in Oregon and Cayuga Lake is an AVA in upstate New York.

3.  Wine Quiz Answer: C. Luxembourg
Luxembourg, the EU’s smallest member country, has produced wines along a 42 km. stretch of the Moselle River (known on the German side as the Mosel) since Roman times. Long appreciated among those lucky enough to have tasted some of Luxembourg’s small production, the wines are dry in style and made from Riesling, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Elbling, Pinot Noir, and other varieties. The best examples resemble their Alsatian counterparts, but represent much greater value, especially as Luxembourg has re-committed itself to quality over quantity in the past 25 years. The relevant portion of the National Anthem is translated: "where the vineyard amply grows along the Moselle, we make heaven’s wine."

4.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. New Mexico
New Mexico’s leading winery, Gruet specializes in sparkling wines.

5.  Wine Quiz Answer: B. Tinto de Toro
Tinto de Toro.

6.  Wine Quiz Answer: D. Robert Mondavi
Mr. Mondavi, after the split with his family, ventured out on his own, with minority partners, and with his two sons. They finished the winery in time for the 1966 harvest.

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