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Wine Scholar Guild Update

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Central & Southern Italy


Starts on June 27th, 2019

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Master the wines of Central & Southern Italy (Unit 2*)
through interactive e-learning modules,
live review webinars and instructor support througout.

*Unit 1 & Unit 2 can be taken in any order

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Students who pass the exam for Unit 1 & Unit 2
will earn the Italian Wine Scholar™ Certification
and IWS post-nominal

IWS Unit  2 online format includes:

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A comprehensive

Study Manual
260+ pages

12 Online Study Modules
+ 9 Live Review Webinars recorded for
On-demand Replay

Instructor support:
Andrea Eby &
Maurizio Broggi


  • Downloadable maps
  • Online quizzes for self-evaluation
  • A list of recommended wines to sample
  • Repeat-after-me pronunciation exercise
  • A full year to sit the Unit 2 online exam…

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Instructor support by acclaimed wine educators:


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  • Manager at Banville & Jones Wine Co. in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Senior educator & partner at the Wine & Drinks College of Manitoba
  • DipWSET holder with Distinction
  • Judge for the International Wine & Spirit Challenge
  • Certified Italian Wine Ambassador | VIA


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  • Italian Wine Scholar™ Education Director
  • WSET Advanced Top World Scorer 2013
  • Associazione Italiana Sommeliers | AIS Member
  • Previous Wine Ambassador for Oltrepò Pavese, Valtelllina and Casteli Calepio
  • Certified Specialist of Wine | CSW
  • Certified Sommelier | CS

RVSVP for a FREE webinar previewing the program
Wednesday June 12th at 12:00 noon EST.

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Next online, instructor-led IWS Unit 2 starts on

June 27th 2019  | Price: $695

Gain instant access to online materials
upon registration… shortly followed by your study manual!

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Get a Head Start!

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Prefer classroom learning with tutored tastings?

Study at one of our 60+ Approved Program Providers
in 25 countries on 5 continents!

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Find a program provider near you!

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