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Wine Shield


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Wine Shield is an award-winning innovation that keeps wine fresh in an opened bottle for up to 5 days after the first glass is poured.

  • No Gas • No Chemicals • No Taint
  • Keeps wine fresh up to 5 days after opening
  • For Red or White Wine
  • Wine Shield fits most any 750ml bottle of wine
  • Extensively tested patent-pending technology

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Wine Shield is an award-winning innovation that keeps wine fresh in an opened bottle for up to 5 days after the first glass is poured.

Simply slip a Wine Shield disc into the bottle and it will float on the surface, creating a barrier between the wine and the air space in the bottle, and dramatically slowing the oxidation process that spoils wine.

Wine Shield is inexpensive, quick to deploy and easy to use because there’s no gas or vacuum pump involved. The wine will retain the taste and aroma just as the winemaker intended.

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Emily Wines (Wine Director of Kimpton Hotels) and Collin Casey (Baker and Banker Restaurant, San Francisco) reveal the importance of Wine Shield to their wine programs.

Emily oversees the wine program in 45 restaurants across the US and recounts how Wine Shield has helped the bottom line by extending the life and integrity of their by-the-glass wines.

Collin tested numerous products over the past 5 years and switched to Wine Shield from an argon gas system.

"In my mind now, it’s the only thing that works," says Collin.

Restaurants, bars, wineries and tasting rooms: click here to learn more about Wine Shield’s profit potential, and to become an authorized wholesale account

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What is Wine Oxidation? Color, taste and aroma are the unique characteristics of every wine.

Once a bottle is opened, oxygen is introduced to the wine. Oxygen causes an irreversible reaction with wine components, and introduces classic wine deterioration symptoms, such as browning and aroma change. Wine contains antioxidants, such as sulphur dioxide and ascorbic acid, which are designed to react with oxygen and prevent deterioration of wine components. However, these materials are used up as oxygen contact continues, leaving the wine vulnerable to rapid deterioration when they aer depleted.

How is Wine Oxidation Measured?

By Chemical Analysis: Measurements of sulphur dioxide depletion and the formation of brown color are often used to evaluate oxidative change in wine. Brown color is measured as absorbance at a light wavelength of 420 nanometers. A higher reading indicates more intense brown coloration. ETS Laboratories of Napa carried out sulphur dioxide depletion testing to gauge the effect of Wine Shield over time. Control bottles were emptied of half their contents and re-sealed with the closure. Test bottles were emptied of half their contents and a Wine Shield was then immediately inserted. As demonstrated in Graphs A and B below, the ETS sulphur dioxide tests show a very significant difference between the extent of oxidation with and without Wine Shield — from opening the bottle to 7 days hence.

By Sensory Testing: As conducted by a highly respected Australian laboratory with trained sensory experts, our results showed a significant advantage in using Wine Shield up to 5 days from opening the wine bottle.

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Copyright 2006-2011, Wine Preserva Pty. Wine Shield is marketed in the USA by From the Source LLC, manufacturers of WineSkin.
Wine Shield is a registered trademark of Wine Preserva and is used under license. Wine Shield is protected by Australian and USA patents.

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