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Terroir-A French concept, elements that make up the composition of a vineyard site: the soil,

subsoil, drainage, slope, elevation, and its microclimate.

Tannin- The bitter, mouth-drying polyphenois found in the skins, stalks, and pips of the grapes

as well as in the wood barrels in which the wine is aged.  A wine’s tannins act as a preservative and

can be an important component if the wine is to aged over a long period.

Must-Grape juice or crushed grapes not yet fermented or in the process of being fermented into wine.

Reduction-Reduction is essentially the opposite of oxidation.  It is caused by too little exposure to

oxygen which can make wine to be reduced, giving it an unpleasant vegetal and chemical fermentation


Fining-A method of clarifying a wine by adding a coagulant such as egg whites to the top of the wine

and allowing it to settle to the bottom, carrying suspended particles with it.

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