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Wine Terms

Sediment-Is the solid matter deposited in a bottle during the course of the maturation process.

Sediment is a wine bottle generally means that the wine was not filtered prior to bottling.

Yeast-Specially cultured yeasts are used to ensure more predictable, controlled and complete


Racking-Racking is the process of transferring the wine from one cask to another to separate

it from its lees.  Is can be used to aerate a wine and can help clarify the wine. 

Cru-The French word for growth. With French wines it is used to describe a system of classifying

vineyards either by geography or by reputation established over decades.  Both Bordeaux and

Burgundy have different crus classes.

Acidification-Acid, usually tartaric or citric, is often added during the winemaking process.  Some

wineries may make chemical corrections to deacidify their wines.

Lees-Solid residue that remains in a barrel or tank after the wine has been drawn off.  Wines that are

protected by their own lees often require less addition of the preservative and antioxidant sulfur


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