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       IMG 3387 thumb YATES FAMILY VINEYARD                      DSC06080 thumb YATES FAMILY VINEYARD

               Michael Yates


Yates Family Vineyard, www.yatesfamilyvineyard.comlocated on Mt. Veeder, west of the town of Napa.

After seven years operating as “Napa Redwoods Estate” we have decided to include our family name on our label as you will see with the new 2005 vintage labels. “Yates Family Vineyard” is owned by Michael and Lynn Yates, with the winery and vineyard staffed by their two daughters Whitney and Mary. Mary is running the administrating end of the business and Whitney is hands on in the winery and vineyard operations. Both are also actively promoting the wines  in all of our markets. The Yates family has owned the property for more than 60 years.

Their current wines consist of;  2008 Viognier;  2006 Alden Perry Reserve;  2006 Cabernet Sauvignon;  2006 Cheval (sold out);  2006 Fleur de Veeder; 2005 Yates Flower;  2005 Yates White Horse;  2005 Yates Mountain and several library wines.  They offer a wine club with several choices of shipment sizes.  Their tasting room is open by appointment only and is located in the barrel room of Hendry Ranch where our small winery is located.

We got to taste the 2008 Viognier which was fruity and smooth, the 2006 Fleur de Veeder is made from 100% Merlot and was velvety, the 2006 Alden Perry Reserve is a blend with spice and dark fruit flavors, the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon was big and lush, the 2006 Cheval is 100% Cabernet Franc and was delicious.

                           October 068 YATES FAMILY VINEYARD.


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