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I will try and keep this fun and simple and hope others will offer their own opinions on any wine I review. I have started the great quest like many others these days to try and find good affordable wines in these challenging economic times.  Prices may vary depending on where you buy your wine.

Abundance Vineyards-Lodi-California-50% Carignane/50% Zinfandel-2005-$13.25

This wine on its label says Abundantly Rich Red, it does not lie, allot of robust fruit, silky oak tannins. I am a Zin lover so a very drinkable fun wine and should be easy to find.  NR  CR-3.5   Good with pasta, chicken, steak.



 Daniel Gehrs Wines-Santa Barbara-California-Cabernet Sauvignon-2005-$9.99-

This ones a little harder to find, it was ok, the only problem with trying to find the best cheaper wine is to not try and compare it in your mind with the last $50 bottle you drank. Plenty of fruit, not terrible, just had a bit of sour taste, might be the Asian spices described on the label.  NR   CR-3  Good with steak, chicken, pasta.


Did I tell you that I am a big fan of California wines….have faith, I have French, Italian, Spanish and Australian wines that are in my cellar too….and will drink them and let you know what I think. Until the next time I take out my Corkscrew…

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