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Pax Mahle Wines Update

 Pax Mahle Wines Update

Elements of The Sun

The White Wines of 2023

 Pax Mahle Wines Update

Concrete. Austrian & German Oak. Stainless Steel.

Each of the new white wines from 2023 where placed to a different vessel for elevage, chosen to best complement the essence of variety and vineyard. But tasting each side by side there is no doubt that these are wines were born under the same sign. The mouthwatering acidity, lush exotic fruit, and noble structure can only be the spectacular 2023 vintage.


A Note

From Pax

 Pax Mahle Wines Update

Vermentino grown in sand has a citrus vibrancy that begs to be exploited, our favorite examples of this lively white wine are fermented in Stainless Steel in order to preserve the intensity and accentuate the sharp lines and citrusy angles of this deliciously chuggable white. We have found that fermenting in small (75 Gallon) Stainless Steel barrels and aging in those same barrels gives just the right amount of lees contact to add texture and complexity, but not too much weight or richness.  The lightest of the three spring whites, we believe that this is the perfect wine for sipping while cooking dinner together or sitting poolside and sharing company and a hunk of cheese.

Pinot Blanc has curves and left to its own devices it can lose focus and vibrancy very quickly.  Unlike its cousin Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc doesn’t wear oak very well, in fact we have found that fermenting in oak or even allowing the wine to rest or grow up in wood really leaves its mark and distracts from the lovely purity of fruit that these wines have.  Picked early to insure lots of natural acidity, fermented in Stainless Steel and aged entirely in concrete to allow for some softening of the edges, but never veering into that blowzy, heaviness that is rather boring to my tastes. Not too steely and not overly fruited, we think this Goldilocks will compliment your favorite seafood dish and purr at the thought of some salted butter.
The star of this lineup will come as no surprise to those that have tasted the two previous vintages from this mountaintop site.  Red Granite and elevation give the wine its power, the blazing Amador sun its fruit and it’s nobility is clearly from the grape variety itself.  Fermented and aged almost entirely in Stockinger 500L Puncheons, this wine is electric and intense with concentration and style. Stockinger Barrels are produced in Austria using German & Austrian Oak.  The German Oak adds softness while the Austrian Oak gives structure, never do wines made in Stockinger Puncheons taste like oak, just flavors of fruit and earth that are brought out by these works of art. We did age a good portion of the 2023 in Concrete to aid in the softening of the intensity that we got from a very long, very cool vintage. The concrete component adds to the complexity and completeness of this gorgeous wine and its undeniable balance. We strongly feel that this wine will stand up to roasted Chicken or Lobster and deserves to be the entree of your evening.


 Pax Mahle Wines Update


Grown in pure sand amongst the wind shaped dunes of The Clements Hills AVA, this vineyard grows Syrah & Vermentino using Biodynamic farming methods. Warm dry days and cool breezy nights create wines saturated with California Sunshine but balanced by freshness and vivacity. Full of flavor and drenched in citrus energy, this refreshing California white is sure to satisfy your summer drinking mood with lip smacking verve and character.

100% Vermentino
100% Whole Cluster Pressed
100% Stainless Steel Fermented
Aged In Stainless Steel


 Pax Mahle Wines Update


Chiseled from the sandy Goldridge Soils of the Russian River Valley, this zesty white wine tastes of saline, lychees, and white flowers. The palate adds some roundness and weight, and all that soft-middle Pinot Blanc fruit is present, but it is the salt and sand and concrete aging that keep the laser beam focus of this wine in the forefront. Just about perfect with any food we throw at it.

100% Pinot Blanc
100% Whole Cluster Pressed
100% Stainless Steel Fermented
Aged In Concrete


 Pax Mahle Wines Update


Grown in red decomposed granitic soils at 1400’ within Amador County, this warm mountainous site grows a unique expression of Chenin Blanc. The iron rich soils and exposure to the intense mountain sunshine ripen these thick-skinned golden grapes quickly and with loads of exotic fruit.  The cold foothill nights help the grapes retain their acidity and freshness and the red granite gives the wine loads of minerality.  A gorgeous balance of ripe California fruit and mouthwatering alpine freshness.

100% Chenin Blanc
100% Whole Cluster Pressed
Fermented in neutral French Oak Barrels and Stockinger Austrian barrels

Aged in neutral French Oak Barrels, Stockinger Austrian barrels & Concrete

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 Pax Mahle Wines Update
 Pax Mahle Wines Update





 Pax Mahle Wines Update

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