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American Bartenders School Offer

American Bartenders School tag active American Bartenders School Offer

$29 for mixology bootcamp ($99 value); $29 for wine class ($99 value)

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American Bartenders School – by bloomspot Staff Writers

A gateway for those who dream of the fast life behind the bar, American Bartenders School is the little black book to success. Taught by professional teachers who can answer any question—from what kind of barrel brandy is aged in to the proper glass for each drink—each seminar illuminates the secrets in every bottle, tumbler, and tap behind the bar.

An engaging introduction to bartending, the Mixology bootcamp narrows down the endless list of libations to just a few dozen essentials. From a Margarita to a Jack Rose, a Manhattan to a Sex on the Beach, each recipe is taught in a simple and interactive fashion, providing a solid foundation for anyone looking for experience on the other side of the bar.

For a change of pace, the wine class covers everything the aspiring oenophile needs to pair the perfect vintage with an elegant dinner or attend a wine-tasting with confidence and style. Learn to discern between the subtleties in every varietal—the ideal way to pour, swirl, smell, and sip to reveal maximum flavors and aromas is covered in an extensive, engaging manner, allowing you to enjoy wine from a deeper, broader perspective.

Whether you have a weakness for good whiskey or a penchant for pinot grigio, unveil the depth and diversity of your tried-and-true favorite with the techniques and recipes taught at this celebrated school of spirits and liquors.

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