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Another Lesson In When You Should Drink Your Wine


IMG 3531 thumb Another Lesson In When You Should Drink Your Wine       IMG 3547 thumb Another Lesson In When You Should Drink Your Wine         DSC06196 thumb Another Lesson In When You Should Drink Your Wine


When visiting a good friend, I noticed that there were a couple of bottles in a wine cabinet wine that was room temperature, in this case that was not the main problem, the vintage of the wine was.   The first bottle was an Italian white from  2001 which when opened was brownish, no tasting notes.  The second bottle was an Australian white from 2002, which held the similar fate as the previous white.  The last was a  2007 Sauvignon Blanc from California which if it was a Chardonnay, it would of most likely still been good, but because most Sauvignon Blanc’s are meant to be consumed in the current year or no more than one prior the wine had turned.   We opened the wine and the smell gave a hint that it had oxidized, and the taste and spit confirmed it.  In this case, we put the cork back in the bottle and will bring it back to the wine was sold it for an exchange.  Liquor stores for the most part store wine upright (not proper since the cork is not kept wet), and the temperature and lighting are not perfect to store wine or maintain wine at it’s best.   If this had been your only bottle than the night or dinner would have been disappointing if you were pairing it with wine.  The best way to avoid this is when buying, either know the store’s reputation, or observe it’s conditions to get a scent how the wine is stored thus avoiding a similar result.             

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