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Caldwell Rocket Science Label Contest


22 Caldwell Rocket Science Label Contest

In the past year mankind took a few more giant steps forward in the quest to
find our place in the Universe. NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars
uncovering evidence to prove there was once water on its surface, whereby supporting the notion that life on Mars was, or could be, a reality. Then SpaceX launched the
first commercial flight to the International Space Station
and, with its Falcon 9 rocket’s Dragon capsule, has given earthlings new hope for becoming an interplanetary species.


Down here on Earth, Rocket Science by Caldwell continues its quest for academic explorations in wine, wit and wisdom by offering you the chance
to be published on the label of a Napa Valley wine.
From the creative, to the academic, to the totally ‘out there’, submit your
ideas for what will be published on the back label of the 2011 Rocket Science by Caldwell Proprietary Red Wine.

Submissions Begin Today

Entries Due By Sunday, March 10, 2013

Details Anything goes in 80 words or less.

Submit as many times as you’d like online

Finalists Receive a case of 2011 Rocket Science Proprietary

Red*, sporting the winning label, and bragging rights

as an honorary rocket scientist, (at least in our eyes).


This past year we had so many submissions from our "Albert WeINstEins" we had trouble deciding on a winner. So we chose four! Open the attached
pdf to check out the winning labels and the inspiration behind them.

2009 ROCKET SCIENCE by Caldwell $39/btl

The layered nose is highlighted by raspberry, plum, boysenberry, vanilla cloves, mint and a hint of dill. A black cherry attack leads to a full mouth of juicy red raspberries, red plum, licorice and chocolate. The wine finished

clean with lingering ripe Bing cherry. 45% Syrah, 26% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot. Order Now


18 Caldwell Rocket Science Label Contest

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