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Cellar Tracker Update


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Apparently time flies when you’re having fun.

More than ten years ago, while still at Microsoft, I started CellarTracker as a hobby to allow me to catalog my growing wine collection. At the urging of a few friends, I let them use the site. With some more urging, I decided to open it to the world. The ensuing public launch of CellarTracker took place on 4/25/2004. A whopping 13 people signed up on that day. Now, more than a decade later, the site has attracted tens of millions of visitors and more than 300,000 registered users. You have written more than 4 million tasting notes and are tracking 49.4 million bottles of 1.7 million distinct wines. Wow!

The world of technology has also changed a great deal in that time. Web-enabled cellphones were primitive in 2004, and tablet computers were largely fantasy. Now more than half of the daily visitors to CellarTracker are using smartphones and tablets. Currently, our top priority is to deliver our own apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and we are on track to launch these in the next 2 months as well as to fully open our mobile website which we launched last summer.

The CellarTracker team has also now grown to include Dan Polivy and Andrew Hall. We have done all of this with a voluntary payment model.

To close, thank you for support. None of this would be possible without you.

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Eric LeVine, Dan Polivy and Andrew Hall


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