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CellarTracker Update



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Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone in the US, and Happy Friday to everyone else!

Following up on our last newsletter, I am excited to announce the imminent launch of redesigned CellarTracker site. Right now we are planning to flip the switch on Monday, November 26. At that point, the default CellarTracker experience will be the new site. The old site will still be available by clicking the CLASSIC-MODE link in the footer of each page.

Here are a few tips to ensure the smoothest transition.

  • We strongly recommend reading the help article on Top Switching Tips, as it details a handful of critical user-interface components and concepts.
  • The new site has a social layer that includes notifications for certain actions. Please read more about this, and also make sure to visit your notification settings.
  • We are continuing to tune the new site, so we are very open to your suggestions in our support forum.
  • As previously announced, our next major work item is to launch a mobile-optimized experience. We do not have our own apps at this point, but we continue to direct people to Cor.kz for the iPhone/iPad an CellarVU for the iPad.

This new CellarTracker site represents the fruition of several years of work. Just like the old CellarTracker site, it is by no means perfect or a static product. Rather, it is our goal to continue to evolve the experience for the better. We know that no one loves change for the sake of change, but we feel very strongly that this new site gives us a dramatically richer foundation upon which to evolve CellarTracker for the coming decade. We sincerely hope you enjoy it, and our experience is that the new site is significantly more productive than the old site once your learn a few key concepts.

-Eric LeVine and Dan Polivy


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