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IMG 1406 thumb CORKSCREW REVIEWS                                               IMG 1407 thumb CORKSCREW REVIEWS


Mis En Bouteille Par La Baume-Vin De Pays D’oc-Pinot Noir-France-2006-$8.99-A light nose of

fruit, light in color.  Pretty thin, average flavor, little spice, uninteresting.    NR-     CR-2.5-3    Good

with chicken, salads. 


IMG 1440 thumb CORKSCREW REVIEWS                                             IMG 1442 thumb CORKSCREW REVIEWS


Rosenblum Cellars-San Francisco Bay-Heritage Clones-Petite Sirah-California-2006-$13.99-A

big rich nose of dark fruit, very dark purple, almost black in color.  A smooth rich mouthfeel of dark

chocolate, spice, blackberry syrup.        WS-89       CR-4      Good with pasta, meats.    

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