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Ayana Wine Cellars-Pinot Noir-California-2006-$13.99-I have not had a

Pinot in awhile so I was looking forward to trying this one from a winery I had

no knowledge of..and it seems these days that you have to spend more than

$35 to get a good Pinot Noir.  Nose was smooth, good fruit, earthly, what you

expect from a good Pinot, nice color, and the taste was great. I like to read

what the bottles say if they have a description of the wine on them, they were

right on, velvety tannins and lush red berry fruit.  A awesome buy. Now I have

to search the net to find some more.     NR     CR4-4.5    Good with

chicken,  seafood, pasta.

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Forth Vineyards-Histoire-Cabernet Sauvignon Chapter 1-Mendocino-

California-2006-$13.99-I enjoyed this wine so much for the value of the

product that is delivered that I had to review it a 2nd time. Forth Vineyards is an

up and coming winery located in Mendocino County which is located north of

Sonoma County, every wine I have tried from this region lately has been very

good.  Big Cab nose, dark fruit, dark color, and rich favors. Great value, I

highly recommend it.      NR     CR4-4.5     Good with steak, pasta.

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