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Chateau De Roquefort-Cotes De Provence Corail-Rose-Granache-Syrah-Cinsault-Carignan-Vermentino et Clairette-France-2009-$13.98-A nose of red fruits and minerals, light pink in color.  A light bodied Rose, strawberry, herbs, minerals, a bit tart, dry finish.              WS-82               CR-3.5-4                 Good with seafood, cheeses, salads.

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Louis M. Martini Winery-Cabernet Sauvignon-Napa Valley-California-2006-$15.99-A nose of dark fruit, dark amber in color.  Blue and blackberries, licorice, some chocolate, medium to full bodied, not as bold or great as the 2005 vintage but a solid Cab.                  WS-90                CR-4-4.5            Good with meats, chicken, pasta.

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