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Vinos De Arganza-La Mano-Mencia-Spain-2006-$12.00-I found this wine totally undrinkable,

usually if I dislike a wine I will use it for cooking..this one was emptied into the sink.  The label said

intense cherry red color..which I did agreed with, label said spice and red fruit aromas..which really

meant it had a awful nose and taste was even worse..maybe bottle was corked..how this got a

high rating from Parker beats me.  Maybe the hand on the label was really there as a sign to stay

away from this wine.   RP-90  CR-2  Not sure what it’s good with, maybe my sink knows.

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Joel Gott Wines-815-Cabernet Sauvignon-Oakville-California-2006-$13.00-Joel Gott is a

successful owner of several restaurants who started his own winery taking after his father who

also owned his own winery.  Good fruit forward dark nose, dark color, just a solid drinking Cab that

delivers like a $25-30 bottle.  He is also known for his Zinfandels.    RP-87    CR-4    Good with pasta, meats, chicken.

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