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IMG 0686 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS                                             IMG 0684 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS 

Summers Winery-Andrianna’s Cuvee-Cabernet Sauvignon-Napa Valley-California-2005-

$20.00-Good nose of dark fruit, Cab nose, dark in color, smooth, good mouth feel, good tannins, a

very good Cab, would age for some more years.  A good value for a Napa Valley Cabernet.     RP-88

WS-81   CR-4-4.5    Great with steak, chicken, pasta.

IMG 0695 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS                                            IMG 0696 thumb CORKSCREWS REVIEWS

Domaine de Regusse-Viogner-France-2008-$9.99-Crisp, citrus, acidity on nose, light in color.  A

good summer wine, light, fruitie, acidity, not as good as a Californian Viogner, but then again its a $10

wine so it’s not bad.    NR   CR-3-3.5     Good with seafood, salad, chicken.

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