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Fincas Patagonicas-Zolo-Sauvignon Blanc-Mendoza-Argentina-2006-$11.00-Light crisp acidic

nose, lemon, zesty gooseberry, smooth.  I am not a big Sauvignon Blanc fan, prefer a fuller white wine,

but this was very good, especially at this price range.  It was enjoyable, probably should have been

consumed a year ago so was glad wine was still good.      WS-87      CR-4    Good with chicken,

fish and salads.

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Brassfield Estate Winery-Round Mountain Volcano-Zinfandel-Clearlake Oaks-California-2005-

$19.99- Good nose of sweet, spicy fruit.  Nice dark color.  Smooth favors of cherry, cinnamon and

toasty oak, nice mouth feel.  A good drinking Zin.     NR      CR-4              Good with steak,


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