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CORKSCREWs REVIEWs Top American White Blends Of 2010


DSCF0208 thumb CORKSCREWs REVIEWs Top American White Blends Of 2010  DSCF0210 thumb CORKSCREWs REVIEWs Top American White Blends Of 2010  DSCF0212 thumb CORKSCREWs REVIEWs Top American White Blends Of 2010


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Ketcham Estate Winery-Viognier-Sonoma County-California-2007-$21.98-A nose of crisp and blight citrus, medium yellow in color.  A pure taste, medium to full bodied white with flavors of lemon zest, citrus oil and spice, very good.                NR                CR-91               Good with cheese, seafood, salads.

Alban Vineyards-Viognier-Central Coast-California-2007-$22.99-A nose of honey and citrus, pale to golden in color.  A smooth medium bodied white,  apricot and honeysuckle, peach with spice and mineral, good acidity, an elegant wine.                    WS-90                  CR-90                   Good with seafood, cheeses, salad.

Treana Winery-Viognier-Marsanne-Central Coast-California-2007-$16.31-A nose of crisp citrus and spice, medium golden yellow in color.  Floral and spice, yellow zest, honeysuckle, and nice mineral structure, a good mouth feel, a very nice white wine.                WS-87                CR-90            Good with seafood, salads, cheese.

Blackburn Wine Company-Facets-Proulx-Viognier-Marsanne-Rousanne-Paso Robles-California-2007-$18.00-A nose of sweet citrus, golden yellow in color.  A full bodied white blend, lemon zest, apple, spice with a good long finish, good stuff.                 NR                 CR-90                Good with chicken, cheeses, salads.

Tablas Creek Vineyard-Cotes de Tablas Blanc-Viognier-Roussanne-Marsanne-Grenache Blanc-Paso Robles-California-2008-$14.99-A bright nose of citrus, golden yellow in color.  A smooth, medium to full bodied blend.  Lemon zest, honey, peach, apple with a nice acidity and a long finish, a great value.   I visited the winery a few years back in the Paso Robles area, there are allot of great wineries in that area.                  RP-91-93                WS-89                 CR-90                 Good with seafood, cheeses, salads.

X Winery-Winemaker’s Blend-White X-Sauvignon Blanc-Muscat Blanc-Chardonnay-Roussanne-North Coast-California-2008-$12.99-A nose of citrus and honey, medium yellow in color.  A medium bodied white blend, honey, grapefruit, orange zest, fresh acidity, a good value.            RP-89               WE-85                 CR-87                Good with seafood, cheeses, salads.

Clayhouse Wines-Adobe White-Viognier-Sauvignon Blanc-Grenache Blanc-Roussanne-Chardonnay-Chenin Blanc-Central Coast-California-2008-$11.99-A nose of citrus and spice, medium straw in color.  A interesting kitchen sink white blend, good acidity,  medium bodied,   apricot, oak and cinnamon flavors, decent value.                 WS-84              CR-87             Good with seafood, chicken, salads.

Pine Ridge Winery-Chenin Blanc-Viognier-Oakville-California-2008-$10.99-A crisp nose of melon and citrus, light straw in color.  A light to medium bodied easy drinking white, melon, citrus with right amount of acidity, a good value.                 RP-88                 CR-88                  Good with seafood, cheese, salads.

Beringer Vineyards-Alluvium Blanc-Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon-Chardonnay-Viognier-Knights Valley-California-2007-$13.98-A crisp nose of citrus, pale yellow in color.  A smooth white blend, lemon, honey, some spice and smoke and oak, a good summer wine.                RP-89             WS-89              WE-86               CR-88              Good with seafood, cheese, salads.

Charles Smith Wines-Kungfu Girl-Evergreen Vineyard-Riesling-Columbia Valley-Washington State-2009-$10.99-A nose of tangy citrus, pale straw in color.   A light bodied white, grapefruit, some lemon with good acidity, a good value, with an interesting label.             WS-89               CR-88                 Good with seafood, cheeses, salads.

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