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Going global, I am trying, really trying to explore French wines to try and understand what I am supposed to be missing..


Faivelry-Bourgogne (Chardonney)-France-2005-$18.99-….problem with white wine is some can

age but most need to be consumed young.  I guess this was one of those that I missed by a year or

so..not that it was sitting in my frig..just bought it recently. It was pretty much a disappointment

compared to what the description was of it at the store where I purchased it. Flat, not much

favor..might have been better a year or so ago..most whites are meant to be consumed within year or

so after they are bottled…I just need to remind myself of that before I buy a white that is a few years

old.   WS-85  CR-2.5  Good with anything that tastes better than this wine.


Boxhead-Blend-Shirax, Cabnernet Sauvignon-Australia-2005-$12.00-Great sleeper wine,

smooth, good fruit, great for price…only problem is the 2008 is in stores now…so if you can wait a year

or so it might be worth the wait. I am a big fan of Australian wines, great value, and they have the

best labels.  NR  CR-3.5  Good with pasta, steak, chicken.


  1. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.


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