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IMG 2164 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP CHARDONNAY’S OF 2009                                                               IMG 2158 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP CHARDONNAY’S OF 2009


Merryvale Vineyards-Starmont-Chardonnay-Napa Valley-2007-$12.99-Will be trying more whites for both the summer season’s sack and because women love whites. Crisp nose of citrus, nice color not deep yellow, more a medium tint,  nice mouth feel,  rich not overly oaked. A awesome Chard that delivers at a $25-30 price, but fortunately is less than half that price, ready to drink now, probably with drink well for a few more years.  This is a wine you buy a case of before it sells out.        WS-88   CR-4-4.5        Great with fish, shellfish, chicken, cheeses, salad


Chateau Ste Michelle Vineyards-Indian Wells-Chardonnay-Columbia Valley-Washington-2007-$15.99-A crisp nose of citrus and toast, medium yellow color.  A pleasant  mix of spice, toast, pineapple, pear, nice acidity, just right amount of oak, a good Chard.        RP-88         WS-88      CR-4-4.5        Good with seafood, chicken, salads.


Russian Riverbend Vineyards-Sonoma Loeb-Chardonnay-Sonoma County-California-2007-$17.99-A nose of spice and citrus, golden in color.  A rich, smooth drinking Chard, spice, lemon, buttery toast, enjoyable and well worth the money.        NR       CR-4.5        Good with cheese, seafood, salads.


X Winery-Truchard Vineyard-Sangiacomo Vineyard-Chardonnay-Carneros-California-2007-$15.98-Rich nose of spice, nice medium yellow color.  A very interesting flavor of spiced vanilla, lemon and pear, smooth with crisp acidity.   A very good Chard and even better at this price.      RP-90   CR-4.5        Good with chicken, salads, pasta.

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