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IMG 2305 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP RHONE WINES OF 2009                                              IMG 2307 thumb CORKSCREWS TOP RHONE WINES OF 2009


Kermit Lynch-France-Cotes Du Rhone-Cypress Cuvee-2006-$11.70-As I have said in prior reviews, I really enjoy this region on France..and that is saying allot since I am not a huge fan of French wines.  Good fruit, smooth, spice, just an enjoyable drinking wine with or without food.       NR      CR-4       Good with chicken, meats, pasta.

Chateau Beauchene-Cotes Du Rhone-Grande Reserve-Grenache-Syrah-Rhone-France-2005-$13.99-Nose of dark, spicy fruit.  Ruby red color.   A mix of earth, spice, and dark cherries.  Wines from Cotes Du Rhone are a good value, hard to find in French wine.           RP-84       CR-4       Good with chicken, pasta, ribs.

Feraud-Brunel-Cotes du Rhone Villages-Red Rhone Wine-France-2006-$15.99-A light nose of spice, medium ruby in color.  A easy drinking, food friendly wine.  Berry, pepper, and vanilla, smooth.     RP-90      WS-88       CR-4      Good with chicken, pasta, salads.

Par E. Reynaud-Chateau Des Tours-Red Rhone Wine-Reserve-Cotes-Du-Rhone-France-2005-$27.98-A light nose of spice and berries, medium in color.  A smooth, light, easy drinking wine with flavors of cherry and currant with light spices.       RP-90      WS-88     CR-4    Good with salads, seafood, chicken.

J.L. Chave Selection-Offerus-Saint Joseph-Red Rhone Wine-France-2006-$16.72-A nose of dark fruit and spice, dark in color.  A smooth, bright medium bodied wine, strawberry, plum, some floral aspects, earth.         WS-91        CR-4-4.5     Good with fish, salads, pasta.

Perrin & Fils-Vinsobres-Les Cornuds-Southern Rhone-France-2006-$15.99-A delicate spiced nose, amber in color.  Black currants, fig, coffee, minerals notes, a smooth enjoyable medium bodied wine.   The Southern Rhone areas of France produce great wines that I enjoy very much with or without food.         WS-91        RP-89-90          CR-4-4.5          Good with chicken, pasta, salads.

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