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Crushpad Wine Sale


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June 23, 2010
  Extra Case Sale

header shadow Crushpad Wine SaleHexennial Wine Sale!

(Hexennial is every six years – I looked it up.)  OK, so we’ve been moving wine from our San Francisco warehouse to the shiny new warehouse in Napa.  In the process, we’ve been digging extra cases here and there of wines we’ve produced.  Turns out that over six years, we’ve produced quite a few extra bits from the 3,000+ wines we’ve made.

These wines are mostly production overruns (we often produce a little more than 25 cases) and some side projects we’ve been too busy to pursue.  So we’re pulling together mixed cases and selling them super-cheap so we don’t have to move them up to Napa (we have to pay a charge for each unique wine at our new facility, so it doesn’t make sense to move 8 bottles of something).

Here’s how it works.  You can buy one mixed case for $119, two for $109 and three for $99.  This is around a 75% discount from normal pricing.  There is a three case max per customer and when we run out, we run out.  It will be mostly reds with a few whites.  You can pick it up in San Francisco from July 10th through 24th or we’ll ship it to you.  There are no dogs in the mix (Z and I have tasted through every wine and culled out a couple handfuls that were meh) – everything is from our normal vineyards.

You can buy the cases here.

PS: We love you, but please don’t ask for "only Pinot" or "no Cab."  For as little as $8.25/bottle, you’re going to be very happy.

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