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East Coast Wine Event


It started with an off-hand comment and quickly turned into an all-out vinous shouting match.  Insults about respective mothers drinking White Zinfandel.  Glasses of rosé dumped on one another.  Frankly, it was a very pathetic showing of mutual outrage.  But after watching Rocky IV a few weeks ago (only the best movie ever), we had an inspiration for how to resolve our differences.  What am I talking about?

The Crushpad vs. City Winery head to head tasting on June 30th at City Winery in NYC.

We’re going to each pour 7 wines, tasted blind by the audience, who will have a say in who takes the champion belt.  Ali vs. Frazier; Drago vs. Balboa.  Pick your all-time favorite bout, but my guess is that it will pale into insignificance compared to this battle.

Please note that there are only 80 tickets available and they are only $55 through Thursday (then they go to $75).

Get tickets here.


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