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East Coast Wine Event


 East Coast Wine Event

August 10, 2010 

Let’s Go Drink Some Wine!

 East Coast Wine Event

Tribeca Grill


375 Greenwich St.

at the corner of

Franklin St.,

New York, NY 10013




Tribeca Grill

 East Coast Wine Event

Hi guys and gals:
We’re going to dinner this Monday night (August 16th) at Tribeca Grill, where it’s BYOB with no corkage fee.  Tribeca Grill is co-owned by renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent and world famous actor Robert De Niro.  The restaurant will charge $35 plus tax and tip for a 3 course, prix fixe menu, and we’d love for you to come along.
Too often in the "wine business," people focus on the business and forget about the wine.  Wine is often treated as a commodity, people get jaded, and they lose perspective.  Wine drinkers become mega-collectors, quote Parker scores, look at prices, and might as well be talking about the prices of wheat futures.  A dinner like this reminds us of how we all came to love wine in the first place.
Here are the ground rules:  Bring a bottle of white and red, please don’t spend more than $200 for the bottles combined, and come prepared to have a good time.  Wine geek talk will only be permitted in limited circumstances, and please feel free to come even if you literally know NOTHING about wine.  In fact, people will probably prefer to be seated next to you if that’s the case.
We’re hoping to do these regularly, so spread the word even if you can’t make it. 
Please rsvp by email or by giving me a call.  I’m going to set up the reservation for all of us. Hope you can make it.


Matt Tornabene


Manhattan Wine Company

P: 973-574-8701

E: matt@mwcwine.com

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