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Help Defeat HR 1161



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HR 1161 is a bill presently before Congress sponsored by large wholesalers who seek to take away the fair trade shipping rights the wine industry worked so hard to pass. Should this bill pass, you would lose your right to purchase your favorite wines directly from wineries.
This is a big deal and we need your help to raise awareness in your community and to write to your state representatives.

You Can Help in 2 Ways:


Write a letter to your Congressmen.
It is important that Members of Congress from all across the country hear from consumers as to why HR1161 is bad for them.


Send an email to your Congressmen.
Visit Free The Grapes to learn more about HR1161 and to send an automated letter right now. Free the Grapes is a consumer group, which was originally started by the Napa Valley Vintners to advocate on behalf of consumers and to reduce shipping regulations for wine.

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Please don’t wait!
Act Now to protect your right to drink the wines YOU choose.

Thank you for your support.

Dan Gaffey
Marketing Manager
Peju Province Winery

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