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How Not To Store Or Age Wine


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I love my Mom and hate to use her as an example on what not to do with storing wine but the world will be better for it. (she’s 85 so gets a bit of a pass)  The best thing about her wine collection..which I never knew she had until I was helping fix something in her cellar and discovered in a metal wine rack..which I thought had just some bad and old Champagne bottles, and that it being in her cellar where the temperature was usually cool, was not the worst place to store wine.  What I did discover was four bottles of wine…or ones that were once wine..but the best lesson here is to know when to drink the wine you have before it goes bad.  I had fun with the experiment of opening the bottles to see what nasty brew they had become..; one was a 1991 Long Island Gewurztraminer which smelled like bad brandy, was brown in color..no tasting notes of course, should of been consumed in 1991, maybe 1992; second was a 1993 Fetzer White Zinfandel which smelled nasty, was dark brown and ditto no tasting notes, since it was a white Zin it should of been drank in 1992….; next was a  1997 Flora Springs Sauvignon Blanc Reserve which also was brown and smelled like feet, no tasting notes, 1997 and 1998 were the best years to drink (was actually rated WS-85 and RP-85) ; lastly was a 2000 Robert Mondavi Chardonnay which smelled old, still had some normal color to it, but I was not risking getting sick so no tasting notes given, (was rated WS-84) should have been consumed by 2002.   Best moral to this experiment is, especially with most white wines is to consume them young when they are most vibrant, very few can get better with age.     

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