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Lava Vine-Goats and Dessert



New Lava Vine Pairing!!! – Goats and Dessert

Winter 2014

 Lava Vine Goats and Dessert

Port’s Back! and it’s brought some friends!

box top Lava Vine Goats and Dessert

The latest blend of Lava Vine Non-Vintage Dessert Wine (Port) is bottled and ready to drink! Per usual the blending trial was a hoot. For some people, tasting a table full of Ports from multiple varietals and multiple vintages is a daunting task, but here at Lava Vine we’re up to the job, (and then back down about 2 drinky hours later) and we couldn’t be happier with the 2013 blend. It’s rich with savory dark fruit and a velvety mouthfeel. It smartly keeps it’s distance from sugary and cloying and just explodes when paired with dark chocolate!

Lava Vine Dessert Wine (Port) – $55 per 500ml

To compliment our luscious Port we were finally able to make a Late Harvest Dessert Wine again. Those of you that have known us from the begining might remember our first attempt back in 2008- It was (not to toot our own horns) stunning, and something of a legend around here. We wish we could do it every year, but the season has to be just right. Lucky for us 2012 was an ideal year and we jumped on it. The resulting wine is crisp up front and honeyed on the finish. Someone recently compared it to the first bite of a perfectly ripe Golden Apple that melts into a butterscotch sundae- (sounds good to me) Pete has been pairing it with a salty aged Gouda cheese and local honeycomb and people have swooned.

2012 Late Harvest Riesling – $32 per 375ml

To round out this dessert trifecta I’ll remind you of the Olive Oil. Chances are if you know us, you know we make some amazing Olive Oil. We run out from time to time and people get mad. So I’m letting you know we have it in stock, and it’s tasting wonderful. If it’s recreating the Tasting Room dark chocolate pairing with the Port, you couldn’t ask for a better accomplice.

Olive Oil – $25 per 375ml

To order your share of Lava Vine Dessert simply call the tasting room at 707-942-9500 and chat with one of the guys, or reply to this email to get a call back.

All best to you this 2014,

Jill, Joe, Jon, Adam, Pete, Dan, and Matt

box bottom Lava Vine Goats and Dessert

And Introducing Buck & Bambi, Lava Vine’s newest addition to the family!

This January we completed a bunch of new construction (and have a bunch more to go) that forced us to relocate the chicken coop… And if you’re going to do that, you might as well add a Goat Pasture. Stop by and introduce yourselves the next time you’re in our neck of the woods!

3 bottle minimum order, and a 10% Discount for Mixed Cases

 Lava Vine Goats and Dessertand our faithful Club members receive a 15% Discount on everything as always icon smile Lava Vine Goats and Dessert

Tel: (707) 942-9500

Fax: (707) 942-8928
Email: info@lavavine.com

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