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Linne Calodo Cellars Slacker


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We are pleased to (re)introduce Slacker. In 2003, Linne Calodo’s first vintage of Slacker was born and through 2010 continued to be a portfolio staple until we totally slacked and forgot to make it again. The ethos of Slacker is described by winemaker Matt Trevisan as, “wine representing not only the winemaker, but the idea that wines should be fun and relaxed.”

Forever sympathetic to the cause of the Slacker lifestyle, we decided to bring back the Slacker name in a much more appropriate way. Now its own label, Trevisan crafted two fun blends that showcase his ability to constantly keep creating and pioneering the exciting possibilities of the Paso Robles wine region.

As an experimental canvas for Matt and Linne Calodo, the labels for the Slacker blends are part of a long overdue collaboration with compadre, Director and Photographer Philip Andelman. Philip helped out with a Linne Calodo harvest in 2005 and continues to be a friend of the winery.

Starting as a cinematographer, Philip began directing music videos and commercials for a wide range of artists and clients such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Norah Jones, American Express, Nike, and NFL. Alongside film work, Philip recently returned to photography, working closely in the past few years with a select handful of musicians, casually following them on and off the road. From Jack White to Ryan Adams, The Beasties Boys and Beck, Philip’s still work has evolved out of his love of music and travel, his series of photographs resembling scrapbooks chronicling quotidian life.

The Slacker brand looks forward to years of innovation and creative alliances. In the words of Matt, "I just love making wine, even if I’m a Slacker."

And now, introducing the Slacker wines: 2012 Stereotype and 2012 The Professional. We are offering these wines and membership access to the Slacker wine club first to LC Experience members, available in 3-bottle packs each.

If you join the 12 bottle/year Slacker Club before ordering, you’ll receive FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders of 12 or more Slacker wines placed this summer. Both the 12 and 6 bottle Slacker wine clubs will receive 1 allocation per year.


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slacker prof 2012 400 Linne Calodo Cellars Slacker

47% Syrah, 38% Grenache, 15% Mourvèdre

To be perfect, to be great at what you do, is a constant pursuit. The 2012 Professional Slacker is a Hero wine. Delicate notes of cinnamon, allspice, and West Paso sage lead to a flavor explosion of bright plum encased in slightly toasted pie crust. The subtle acidity of this wine makes it refreshing and enjoyable in a variety of situations. Pull a cork at the end of a hard day, pull a cork to cheer up your SLACKER friends. This wine is anything but a SLACKER.

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slacker ster 2012 400 Linne Calodo Cellars Slacker

38% Tempranillo, 28% Grenache, 22% Mourvèdre, 12% Tannat

Never judge a book by its cover! The 2012 Slacker Stereotype is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The first tempranillo-driven wine that we have produced, this wine is rich and lush. A velvet palate with hints of boysenberry jam. The Stereotype combines the beauty of four varietals: tempranillo, tannat, grenache, and mourvèdre. ¿Se Habla Español? This wine is all California with a deep ruby color and a charismatic presence. Enjoy with your friends and see if they can pick the varietals. There is nothing STEREOTYPICAL here.

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You can order each of the wines in 3-bottle packs via the website’s Allocation page (login, then click on Allocations), phone, or email.

IMPORTANT: the 15% discount that exists for your LC Experience membership will apply to purchases made this month ONLY. Only if one joins the Slacker club (6 or 12) this month, will their 15% discount continue on with future Slacker wine allocations.

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Receive 6- or 12-bottle automatic allocation once a year in the Slacker club. Register on the Allocations page (login here or e-mail or call us). We will use the same information on file for your LC Experience membership.

Join the 12-bottle/year Slacker club now and receive free ground shipping on 12 or more Slacker bottles ordered this summer.

IMPORTANT: The 15% discount applied to your LC Experience membership will ONLY apply if you register this month to the Slacker wine club. Late registration (after June) will receive Slacker wines at retail prices.

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Tel 805-227-0797 | Fax 805-227-4868 | info@linnecalodo.com

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