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Loring Wine Company Futures



 Loring Wine Company Futures
 Loring Wine Company Futures

 Loring Wine Company Futures 

The 2009 Vintage
2009 was an almost magical year. There was a short heat spike at the beginning of September that caused some winemakers to pull the trigger early, but our patience and willingness to wait paid off handsomely. After the heat wave, we had 6 weeks of the most perfect weather imaginable. We saw flavors develop with virtually no sugar movement. Seriously epic stuff.

The wines in barrel aren’t quite as big as the 2008s, but they have an amazingly bright, focused, and precise feel to them. Super rich without being too heavy. Great texture and mouth feel. Dare I say the "iron fist in the velvet glove" ideal that I think all Pinot Producers secretly hope for. Super seductive and "brainy" at the same time icon smile Loring Wine Company Futures These wines will be great right out of the gate, but will have the potential to age well for at least 6-8 years, and maybe more!

AVA Pinot Futures Release
Russian River Valley, Santa Lucia Highlands, Sta. Rita Hills
We’re extremely excited about the blends we’ll be offering from 2009. Unlike 2008, where we cross-blended vineyard lots to balance out some "holes", everything from 2009 is good enough to stand on its own. So we’ll be making some seriously tasty blends this time around. We’ve already done a couple of trial blends, and we’re super excited about the results. We’ll be refining the blends in the next few months before bottling – which is one of the reasons we’re offering these wines as futures at a discounted price. And you also get a discount for buying early and for taking delivery later. How much of a discount?

$26 a bottle if you buy a six pack – or
$24 a bottle if you buy a twelve pack

As usual, shipping is included in that price! You’ll have to wait until Nov-Dec (weather permitting for shipping) before you receive the wine. This is a futures offering, after all. icon smile Loring Wine Company Futures The wines will be available for sale until the end of July.
We’ll be offering these wines in pre-defined sets. We’re sorry, but no substitutions or modifications. Whining and complaining will be met with a sympathetic ear, but also with an uncompromising adherence to the rules. icon smile Loring Wine Company Futures But we’ll try to give you as many options as possible while still keeping it streamlined and cost effective for us.

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